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July 2019 Real Estate Update


Real estate prices in Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley continued to decline in June, as has the sales rate for presale condos in those regions. However, areas of Northern BC and Vancouver Island are experiencing gains in resale prices and strong sales. There are some indications that the declining markets may see a [...]

July 2019 Real Estate Update2019-08-15T16:26:57+00:00

June 2019 BC Supreme Court Decision on Enforcing Security


Important BC Supreme Court decision about a creditor’s duty to its borrower when enforcing security. In summary – the Court decided creditors are not obligated to track or predict market variations to maximize value when enforcing.

June 2019 BC Supreme Court Decision on Enforcing Security2019-07-11T20:10:07+00:00

May 2019 Real Estate Update


A new poll has found that most B.C. residents believe new taxation is making housing affordability worse. Residential real estate in the Lower Mainland has suffered nearly $90 billion in losses to home equity in the past year which will have major impacts on the B.C. economy. Home sales across the province will remain [...]

May 2019 Real Estate Update2019-06-12T05:45:29+00:00

New Assignments and Beneficial Ownership Registries 101


The provincial government is seeking to dissuade artificially increased condo prices and potentially close a tax loop through a new system aimed at registering assignments.  An assignment is when a buyer has purchased a pre-sale condo, and sells it to another buyer (for a higher price) before the building is complete.  Often referred to as [...]

New Assignments and Beneficial Ownership Registries 1012019-05-02T16:06:31+00:00

March 2019 Real Estate Update


Canadians’ concerns that the legalization of cannabis will negatively impact property values have not played out in other jurisdictions where marijuana is legal. In fact, in some areas, homes within 160 metres of a retail marijuana store were valued close to 10% higher than those outside of that radius. Fixed rate mortgage rates are [...]

March 2019 Real Estate Update2019-04-16T20:00:01+00:00

Strengthened CRA Super-Priority for GST


Until last year it was a common understanding that a bankruptcy triggers a priority reversal of CRA’s super-priority deemed trust claim for GST/HST debt, even if proceeds were recovered by a secured creditor prior to bankruptcy of the debtor.  The bankruptcy of a debtor was pursued as a late stage step in a secured [...]

Strengthened CRA Super-Priority for GST2018-11-15T22:10:57+00:00